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Cat feeder with collar sensor

My friend Stacy has two cats, a striped tabby-cat named Junebug and a deep-black kitty named Midnight. Stacy loves both of her cats equally, but she spends a lot of time away from her feline friends because of work, which is why she went out and got herself a cat feeder fitted with a collar sensor. 

See, while they both might be cats, they have quite different temperaments, just as a pair of human roommates would. Stacy knows Junebug doesn’t require quite the same love and attention as Midnight. Junebug’s a little snuggler- she purs when she sees Stacy and trying to be part of the program whenever Stacy’s at home.

Midnight, on the other hand, isn’t all too keen on spending time together, despite enjoying getting the occasional tummy rub from Stacy. She’s more of a lone wolf and doesn’t need the attention the way Junebug does. 

And just how they act differently with Stacy, so do they have different eating behaviors! 

Every time Stacy leaves food in each of their bowls, she has to measure more food for Midnight, than Junebug. And while they’re friendly to each other, Midnight has no problem pushing Junebug off of her bowl if she wants some extra food. This, of course has become a real problem for Stacy, which is why she went out and found an elegant solution: a cat feeder with a collar sensor. 

I know what you’re thinking, ‘A sensor on my cat? Pfft, no way,’ but it’s actually a lot simpler than you may imagine, and we’re here to break it all down for you. 

Today, we’re going to educate you on these new, beneficial devices by detailing our favorite choices out there on the market today in our ultimate guide to cat feeders with collar sensors!

Cat feeder with collar sensor : SureFlap Microchip Pet Feeder

Cat feeder with collar sensor

Our first option here comes courtesy of the great people at SureFlap. What’s cool about this option is that SureFlap made it compatible with different pets, not just cats. Even though your dogs and other furry friends can use this microchip feeder, the SureFlap Microchip Pet Feeder is mainly targeted towards cats. 

Another pleasantly versatile part of this feeder is that it’s compatible with any identification piece you might have, saving you money in the long-run. It also comes with its own SureFlap RFID collar tag. Each of your pets gets its own label, which is identified by the feeder when they come nearby. The collar is friendly and comfortable, coming in at about 10 x 14 x 11 inches with an ABS plastic body. The bowl is stainless steel and can be fully sealed to keep food fresh.

It’s not tiny by any means, but it’s not going to be a cumbersome piece of the room it’s sitting in either. This is also an excellent option for any chubby kitties that have to be put on a diet, and of course, helps all of your pets get the nutrition they need, whether you’re home or not.


  • Compatible with pets other than cats
  • Wide-ranging microchip compatibility
  • Medium size 
  • Good material 
  • Battery-powered
  • Hefty 5-pound capacity
  • Comes with its own collar sensor included
  • Keeps food fresh
  • Great for cats on a diet


  • Not AC-adapter supported
  • Sort of bland color design
  • Button configuration could be simpler

Ultimately, this option is the jack-of-all-trades. The cat feeder not only feeds cats but dogs, which is convenient if you have multiple pets in the house to manage. It can also help with dieting pets as well if your cat happens to be overweight and demands food all the time. The size of the bowl can accommodate most living spaces and sync up with any standard pet RFID tag in the world while keeping both wet and dry food fresh at all times.

SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

Here we have a great all-inclusive option from SureFeed. This not only comes with the central feeding unit but also features a lovely silicone mat to put the station on to avoid floor scratches. The SureFeed microchip feeder has an RFID tag and two feeding bowls, one that is split and the other that is full. 

This feeder, which is designed in the US and manufactured in China, has a collar sensor that is compatible with any standard pet microchips across the world. It’s built under stringent quality control constraints and features a smart, selective feeding system. 

The SureFeed microchip cat feeder is also easily powered as it needs only four C-type batteries to last for six to twelve months. It’s also an excellent compact option with a 2.2-pound capacity so it can work for cats of any size. If you are dealing with limited space, it’s pretty good too, checking in at about 13 x 9 x 8 inches in size. 

This unit has an intruder mode too, while sensing whether the approaching cat needs something to eat. If it is authorized, the flap opens and allows for your beloved cat to get what it needs, whether it be wet food or dry. 


  • Well-sized- works for all cats
  • Smart feeding system
  • Versatile microchip compatibility
  • RFID tag included
  • Intruder mode option
  • Works with dry or wet food
  • Good battery power


  • Does not feature a timer
  • Not AC-adapter supported


We featured this option because of how robust its microchip technology is. While the fact that it doesn’t feature a timer isn’t ideal, you still won’t find a better cat feeder with a collar sensor than this one when it comes to the raw microchip tech involved. 

You can be confident that the chip isn’t mixing up your cats and allowing the unauthorized cats to eat. So, the right pet will always get to feed and will never miss a meal, either. It also has a six to twelve-month battery capacity to last for a while, even while you are gone.

Wireless Whiskers AutoDiet Pet Feeder 

Cat feeder with collar sensor

Wireless Whiskers has earned the distinction as one of the first companies to get several successful automatic cat feeders out on the market. It is known as one of the most innovative leaders in pet diet management. This particular model is constructed with an ABS plastic feeding hopper with a sufficient five-pound dry food capacity, a BPA-free plastic bowl, and a polycarbonate feeding tube and access control lid. 

It also includes a digital waterproof wireless tag, which is what the feeder relies on to allow access to the food. The tag is lightweight and comfortable as well, so even the fussiest cats won’t have a problem wearing the latest Wireless Whiskers fashion. This feeder also can identify eight different pets at once. 

When one of your favorite animals runs up to the unit, it will be greeted by name, and the feeder will automatically open. Once they’re done their meal, the feeder closes once more to limit access to the five pounds of food in there, not to mention it keeps the grub nice and fresh!


  • Reliable, proven construction
  • Good durability
  • Ability to identify eight pets
  • Comes with two waterproof tags
  • Comfortable, lightweight tags cats won’t mind wearing
  • Five-pound capacity


  • Cats have been reported to have been able to pry the feeder door open


You might like this particular model because of how its versatility makes it perfect for the pet family. This pet feeder won’t only keep your bickering cats in check, but also make sure all your pets get the food they need, especially if you are a busy pet parent. 

Our Pets Wonder Bowl Selective Cat Feeder

Cat feeder with collar sensor

If you’re a pet owner who’s trying to take care of themselves and their pets on a shoestring budget, this is the smart microchip pet feeder you’re looking for. This wonder bowl selective feeder from Our Pets is one of our smaller options, which shouldn’t be surprised when you look at its meager price tag. The size is about 10 x 8 x 6 inches with a one-pound kibble capacity so it can fit anywhere you need it, especially if you don’t have much space in your home. 

This single-meal selective cat feeder with collar sensor will ensure that only the designated pet can access the contents of the bowl. This is due to the infrared and RFID collar tag-based technology. The container can detect when your cat is in range and ready to be fed. Once they’re finished, the lid closes, which prevents other cats from eating any leftovers that don’t belong to them.

The wonder bowl runs on a CR2032 battery that lasts up to 30 days and is made from ABS plastic. It is excellent for wet and dry food, so you won’t have to worry about restricting your cat to just one type of meal. The lid is removable and dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleanups.


  • Dishwasher-safe feeding bowl
  • Slip-resistant and ABS plastic feeder
  • Innovative infrared+RFID technology
  • Affordable price
  • Can accommodate at least eight different pet tags
  • Compact size great for anyone with limited space


  • Short battery life
  • Additional tags sold separately


This model is honestly the best bang for your buck out there on the digital or physical marketplace. While the price almost looks too good to be true at $65, have no fear! With this model, you’re still getting a high-quality cat feeder with modern and up-to-date technology.

Our Pets Smart Link Intelligent Selective Cat Feeder

Cat feeder with collar sensor

This cat feeder has some of the best, most modern digital-age tech on our list, and the second-cheapest, which is always a great pairing. This is one of the only cat feeders with a collar sensor on the market that comes complete with Bluetooth capabilities. Thanks to modern technology, you can monitor the comings and goings of your feline through the Our Pets IntelligentPetLink app. 

With the app, you can check on your cat’s feeding habits, frequency, and duration, as well as battery life. This is all thanks to the Bluetooth sent from the bowl, directly to the app on your phone. The Smart Link Tag that is also paired within the feeder Bluetooth can sense if your cat is near and will only open for him/her. 

This eliminates hissy fits and fights between your pets and will ascertain which one gets fed. The lid also keeps the food fresh and the pet’s eating area clean. The stainless steel feeding bowl holds just under a pound of kibble and is removable and dishwasher safe and is suitable for both dry and wet food.


  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • An app that allows you to track in-depth information
  • Smart Link Tag included
  • Affordable pricing
  • Small size suitable for limited living space


  • Short battery life

This feeder is pretty awesome due to its Bluetooth capabilities. If you’re a pet owner that’s always thinking about your little critter and of ways to improve their health, their app reports all feeding data. It doesn’t have a huge feeding capacity. But, it has all the modern technology you are looking for in a feeder and is reasonably priced.

PortionProRx Automatic Cat Feeder

Cat feeder with collar sensor

This option from PortionProRX is an automatic pet feeder with smart RFID technology that provides access control features and a scheduled feeding regimen for any pet. This is a high-quality feeder, made in the USA under strict quality control and policies. The unit is made from ABS plastic and has a ceramic coated bowl, which is free from phthalate, BPS, and BPA. In other words, your pet won’t be eating from a bowl that can make it sick. 

This unit can hand out two to six meals per day, with each portion going from a half cup up to six cups. You can program the feeder with the chosen amount of dry food with the tag on your pet. It has has a water-resistant tag, which has a battery that can last up to a year and detect your animal from two feet away. And once your pet is done eating, it’ll close automatically. 

Price: $179.99


  • AC Adapter capable
  • Strong, durable construction
  • Huge seven-pound feeder capacity
  • RFID tag included
  • Water-resistant tags
  • A reliable sensor that works up to two feet
  • Can dispense 2-6 meals of varying size per day


  • One of the pricier options on the market
  • Noises made by the somewhat loud mechanism can sometimes spook pets

This is one a fantastic cat feeder with collar sensor as it’s one of the highest quality automatic cat feeders out there today. It’s costing you just shy of two hundred bucks, but you are definitely getting what you paid for. The development of the PortionProRx feeder was put under some of the strictest standards when it comes to manufacturing, and you can rest assured you are getting a quality product. It has some of the best feeder capacities available, with a wide-sensor range and can dispense a variety of meals that other feeders cannot match.

How Do I Know Which Cat Feeder With Collar Sensor is Best For Me?

If you still have questions about cat feeders with collar sensors after reading through our list of the top six options out there, those should be answered here. When you’re out shopping for the perfect cat feeder to take care of your furry friends, there are a few factors that you should consider. 

The Price

One of the most obvious ones is the price, and we’ve given you an excellent range of options on that front, from just under two hundred bucks all the way down to only $65. This factor, like most of them, is relative to your personal budget and how many cats you have. 

Feeding Capacity & Supported Food Types

Another thing to consider is the cat feeder’s feeding capacity, and whether or not it can dispense wet or dry food or both. This seems like an unimportant factor that can be easily overlooked. However, if you have a cat that prefers wet food instead of dry- your feeder will not be useful and will only restrict the cat of its favorite meal. 

Battery Life

The amount of time you are leaving your cat at home is essential. Does the feeder have a large capacity? Is the battery life long enough to last for a few weeks? If you intend to be staying away for quite some time, make sure you get a feeder that suits your personal situation as well. Otherwise, you’ll have a feeding that isn’t optimally working for you and your cats. 

The Size

The dimensions of your cat feeder are also critical, depending on your living situation. If you’ve got a house with a lot of space, the dimensions might not be as relevant to you as they are for someone who lives in a smaller apartment. Either way, you want the cat feeder you choose to fit in with your room and doesn’t take up space. The other factor is material, the last thing you want is your cat breaking its own collar and not able to access the food bowl when you are away. 

Last but not least, as an added point of consideration you should think about the sensor and RFID tech that a given cat feeder comes with. It’s essential to make sure that the tag doesn’t irritate your cat and has a robust enough sensor, especially if you have multiple pets in the house or away.


Hopefully, you found our guide helpful in making your next purchase for the best possible cat feeder with collar sensor. We’ve outlined a wide range of tech that is available and how feeders are progressively getting smarter, to help you make the right decision for your feline. 

If you’ve stuck it out this far into our buying guide – you’re now armed with all the knowledge needed to shop confidently and pick out the best possible option from the rest.

Whether you’re aiming at improving your pet diet or trying to keep it from squabbling over rations, you will be able to find the best automatic cat feeder with collar sensor that fits your needs in no time. 

With that, we wish you luck on your hunt for the best feeder! Let us know which one you end up buying in the comments below.

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