Best Cat Litter for Multiple Cats

Best Cat Litter For Odor

Cats are such moody creatures and being a cat owner may be the hardest thing you can ever accomplish. With all the efforts put in day and night to raise a feline, you can hardly hope to get enough sleep. 


While it is true that keeping a pet is very therapeutic and can improve a person’s emotional health by huge margin, you find yourself continuously buying several objects to satisfy your cat’s needs. Sometimes with love, sometimes out of necessity. This can range from a simple cat bowl to buying the right cat food and a lot more. It’s all about the kind of training the cat receives while growing up. You can have a lazy cat if you’ve spoiled the little beast and you can have a really friendly one that may sleep in your lap whenever you sit on the couch.


The worst situation you can be in is when the cat isn’t properly trained to take a dump. You find your home covered in your cat’s poop and two or three times out of a day, you end up cleaning after. While cat’s keep themselves clean much more frequently than dogs do, they still need to poop. That is the reason why we recommend that you purchase the best cat litter for them to train them well.


“Does it matter if I purchase a good quality cat litter?” is probably the first question that comes to your head when you read this and its completely natural. Why indeed would you invest in a cat litter that can support multiple cats at the same time while you can buy a regular sized one? There are several benefits as to why you should and this article will tell you all about the best cat litters that can support multiple cats at the same time.

Benefits of Purchasing Litter for Multiple Cats: Best Cat Litter for Multiple Cats


For starters, cat litter that can support multiple cats can hold a sizable amount of urine. Cats typically use the litter boy two to three times a day and if you have 3 to 4 cats, you are looking at a very large amount of litter that is used daily. This means that urine will not only be visible form the cat litter (that basically destroys the purpose of the cat litter in the first place) but the nasty odor will spread throughout your home which will drive all your guests away. Talk about burning away all your nose hairs because of a nasty smell like that.

The best cat litter for multiple cats can help take both of those problems away. Depending on the size of the cat litter you purchase and the amount of space you have inside your home for the cat litter, you can completely hide away all the cat excrement. It may take a bit more of your budget but what the heck right? It saves you from polluting your home’s atmosphere and some even provide protection against germs that can become airborne if you don’t treat them.

This can lead to you getting sick and any food near the cat litter becoming contaminated in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, cat litter designed for multiple cats are designed to sustain the most gruesome of situations with having superior odor control. This means your home won’t reek of bad smells every time someone inadvertently walks in. Instead, the kind of brand you buy will ensure quality, all-natural clumpers that are very similar to the cat’s otherwise natural habitat.

Different Type of Cat Litters


With the kind of technology and research we possess now on house pets, we are able to develop different types of products for them. There are several cat litters available in the market and each has their own specialty along with being situation-based.

Here are a few types that are going to be mentioned in this article:

Clumping Clay Cat Litters:

Clumping clay helps to keep the litter box neat and clean as the clay clumps absorb any and all liquid waste. As the cat urinates into the box, the clay (made of bentonite) absorbs the liquid and turns hard. Once the cat is finished, it is easier for the owner to spot where the cat has attended nature’s call and then clean that area from the box. The only drawbacks of this type of cat litter are that it is very dusty as it is made of clay and is non-biodegradable meaning it is harmful to its surroundings after disposal.

Silica Gel Crystals Cat Litters:

If you’ve ever bought a new bag or new shoes, you have most likely found that small pouch with silica granules in it. Silica is a great absorbent of moisture as well as nasty odors and this is used in cat litters to prevent your home environment from getting too smelly. Silica gel crystals however are the most expensive type of cat litter you can purchase and aren’t biodegradable as well. Nonetheless, they do last fairly longer than most cat litter and are a preferred choice of many cat breeders.

Recycled Paper Cat Litters:

The world we live in requires us to save as many resources as possible for our future. We waste more resources than we use and in such a scenario, using recycled paper cat litters seems like the best options. Paper is not only free of dust and contaminants, but can also absorb liquids well and is biodegradable. Manufacturers turn used paper into tiny paper granules so that they can be used as cat litters around the world. The prices are relatively fair and there is more than enough used paper to go around so you can bet the market will always have your preferred brand in stock.

Corn Cat Litters:

Corn cat litters are specifically sought for their ability to control odor. They are also good liquid waste absorbents and are used in some households where corn does not affect the health of cats. However, most cats have problems with corn and therefore, this kind of material is not recommended for people who are going out of their way to take care of cats.

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Top 5 Best Cat Litter for Multiple Cats


1. Best Cat Litter For Multiple Cats: Dr. Elsey’s Ultra-Premium

Best Cat Litter For Odor

This product has been hailed as the best cat litter in the market for quite some time now. The company utilizes several features that will definitely please the cat owner as they notice their cat’s hygiene improve over continuous use. The cat litter can be bought both for single cat and multiple cat use, with packaging that goes from 18-pound bags to over 40-pound bags.

The material used in Dr. Elsey’s Ultra-Premium is known for its hypo-allergenic properties. It does not contain any plant materials that may have an allergic reaction to the cat. There are no such perfumes or deodorants involved in the manufacturing process so you can rest assured your cat will not have a negative reaction due to the fragrance of the litter.

The product is also 99.9 percent dust free and mitigates any nasty odors that may spread throughout your home due to cat waste. Furthermore, a lot of people have the opinion that you can use cat litters as compost later o,n but those kind of cat litters are made from all-natural organic materials and this is not true for Dr. Elsey’s so refrain from doing so. Instead, the product offers heavy, non-tracking granules that make less of a mess at your home than much smaller granules do.

This type of cat litter is ideal for any mechanical litter boxes at home. It helps keep the bottom of the container dry by absorbing 90 percent of the moisture. This makes this cat litter the best by far in all the categories save that of being biodegradable.

  • All-natural clumping litter
  • Prevents moisture build-up at bottom
  • Keeps home atmosphere fresh from nasty odors
  • 9 percent dust-free
  • Doesn’t contain plant protein and any perfumes
  • Non-biodegradable
  • Average price

2. Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal

Best Cat Litter For Odor

This product is second only to Dr. Elsey’s and is also the widely preferred option of feline owners all of over the US. The product is available in two packaging options that include a 27.7-pounds bag and a 40-pounds bag.

The peculiar thing about Arm & Hammer is that the company boasts of having a 7-day odor free atmosphere at home which is quite unique. Most other cat litters often smell in three or four days if it is not maintained well which makes this product a good option to have. The product also has a 100 percent platinum dust-free formula. This means less of a mess around the space where the cat litter box is kept. The largest cat litter packaging can serve up to 6 cats in total and enough to last you quite a while before you have to change the litter in the box.

The entire company motto of Arm & Hammer cat litters is to make sure the customer’s home is odor, dust and worry free where people can focus more enjoying the time with their cats than worrying about cleaning their mess.

  • 10 percent less odors at home than other cat litters
  • 100 percent dust free formula
  • Rock hard clumps formula that are easy to clean
  • 7-day smell-free guarantee
  • Expensive
  • Less-distribution in market

3. ScoopFree Litter Tray Refills

Best Cat Litter For Odor

This is probably the most expensive cat litter product in the market but it is that for a reason. The product offers you not one, not two but three refills after you have used the cat litter once. They come with separate pouches and this makes it perfect to last for a month or more without having to worry about buying more litter.

The ScoopFree litter tray refills have the ability to control nasty odors from spreading through the air. The cat litter absorbs cat urine in large amounts and the granules help to lock away all solid waste forms. There’s less mess made in the process as well as the cat litter is 100 percent dust free and doesn’t stick to your cat’s feet either. You do not have to worry about your cat dragging all the waste into your living room floor or rug this way.

Perhaps the best feature of the product is that there is no scooping involved i.e. you do not have to scoop out all the solid waste from the litter box. All you need to do is simply remove the disposable layer of cat litter and properly dispose it. The drawback to having such a system is that the cat litter isn’t biodegradable which makes it a nuisance for the environment and an unpopular choice for people who care about it.

Nonetheless, the PetSafe brand has led the American pet market for decades and is one of the most well-known companies concerning anything pet related. The overall experience of the pet company (having started in 1991) makes it an ideal player in the market and one who customers can trust.

  • Easy cleanups after cat litter is full
  • 100 percent dust free
  • Does not stick to cat’s paws
  • Good product support line
  • Unbeatable odor control mechanism
  • Not environment friendly
  • Expensive

4. Fresh Step Multi-Cat

Best Cat Litter For Odor

This product also specializes in cancelling out any nasty odors that spread into the atmosphere. The reason why we are focusing most on odors is because a lot of reviews speak about nasty odors being the primary concern by cat owners who use poor quality cat litters.

The Fresh Step Multi-Cat litter allows you the chance to control any and all kinds of nasty smells for up to 10 days! Yes, the company’s ingenious Fresh Step Odor Shield Litter Partnered with the power of Febreze allows homes to stay fresh for days despite how many times the cat has used the litter box.

In addition, the cat litter also does not make a mess out of things as it is 100 percent dust-free and provides its customers with 100 percent clean surfaces all year round. The entire cat litter is scoop able meaning after your cats have used up the cat litter, you can easily dispose the materials into a trashcan by scooping them out of the box.

What’s more is that the company focuses on not only providing you with comfort but your feline as well. Cats are sensitive to smells and although their designated pooping area is marked by their master, they do undergo some form of tension while urinating in a smelly litter box. Cats like clean places and this is the reason why the company ensures the fresh air space as well as cat litter to keep them clean and happy.

  • Odor control cat litter
  • Cheap to purchase
  • One-time, multiple cats use
  • Hygienic for both cats and master
  • Scoop able kitty litter
  • Available in 75-pound bags
  • May be too heavy to carry
  • Non-biodegradable

5. Purina Tidy Cats Instant Action

Best Cat Litter For Odor

This product is available in five different packaging and the largest packaging can last you for quite some time. The 40-pound Purina Tidy Cats has several important features that help keep your home environment safe and your cats perfectly healthy. The special formula for making the cat litter is patented by the company and offers safe scooping and protection against ammonia and other odors.

The immediate odor control policy of the company is what got it into the best cat litter for multiple cats article in the first place. The strong clumping mechanism allows them to stick together upon the cat urinating into the litter box. They do not break and are easily scoop able. What’s more is that the area where the cat has urinated changes color and texture which allows you to easily identify which area to remove.

This happens specifically when that area has been used several times and therefore makes it visible for removal. The 99.9 percent dust free formula also keeps the customer happy as the cat does not make a mess after attending every nature’s call. The tight clumps then take care of the smell and the visibility of the poop left behind by the cat which makes the area safe for both children and adults to be around. In short, it is a fairly low-priced and great product to have if you are on a budget.

  • Cheap and durable
  • 9 percent dust free formula
  • Keeps odors at bay
  • No contamination possible
  • Non-biodegradable



Whichever cat litter you choose, make sure it meets the requirements of the number of cats you own. Cats can use the litter box 2 to 3 times in one day so taking that into consideration, keep the cat litter box clean and replace the cat litter once every two weeks. This will help reduce all kinds of smells from spreading into the atmosphere around it and will also prevent any unnecessary accumulation of harmful bacteria. It’s not necessary that you go with the most expensive option, but choose a cat litter that your cat can appreciate and one that will make cleanup a breeze.

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