About Us

I was 8 years old when I got my first cat. She was my best friend and my constant companion. I was quite the precocious boy and she was a very patient kitty to deal with such a hyperactive child. She let me get away with numerous shenanigans that should’ve ended with some cat paws to the face. Luckily, thanks to her gentle nature, I was able to get away with it. As I moved away for college, I knew that eventually, I will want to get another cat just like my precious Cinnabun.

Many years later when I graduated from college and landed a job that helped me purchase my first house, I finally got another cat that I named Caramel due to her coat. She thought of herself as the protector of the house and loved to go outside. We lived in a neighborhood where she could go outside and hunt in our large back yard and I never had to worry about her. After we moved to another neighborhood in 2016, we were warned by our neighbors that it was not safe for cats outside due to the hawks and coyotes that lived in the hills behind us. Despite the warning, I let Caramel play outside, until the fateful day where she never came home.

For weeks, my wife and I put up fliers and searched high and low everyday for over a month. Every day after work, I would spend a few hours just searching the area and calling out for her, in hopes that she would come running to me. That day never occurred and it caused me to go into a depressive state of mind, but I knew I had to channel my energy into something productive and worthwhile. I decided that I make use of my time by helping other cat owners take better care of their feline companions. I had come a long way from that hyperactive child who used to terrorize Cinnabun to a caring cat father who wanted the best for my cats.

The loss of Caramel inspired me to start this website to help others find the best products for cats. My research has helped me find things such as the best cat food for older cats, the best cat litter, the best food and so much more. As I get older, I realized that pets need to be taken care of properly as there are so many animals that are neglected and deserve better. 

Two years have passed since Caramel ran away. I am still reminded of her on occasion when I see a funny cat video or a cat meme and wish she was still here by my side. Even though she is no longer here, I want to continue writing information articles on cat products because I feel that this knowledge can be useful for others who are either getting their first cat or those who just need guidance in order to make the best purchase decisions for their purrfect furrends.


Kobe De La Garza