The Importance of Choosing A Cat Tree

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A Cat Tree is a playhouse designed for cats to play, exercise and sleep. The standard cat tree consists of a floor-based solid construction. It is usually created by forming square form sheets of particle board such as boxes, platforms, and surrounded structures. It is integrated with wooden decorations and planks. The outer and inner surface is usually concealed with carpet.

New, improved features have been introduced to enhance the cat tree experience. This includes pieces and sets mounted on the wall and geometrical and ergonomic designs that cater to the cat’s needs.

There are specific designs that can form the shape of trees to fascinate the cats. Majority of the cats are drawn to tall trees, but some cats prefer trees that provide solitude and shelter situated at any height of the tree.

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Cat owners usually have a difficult time choosing cat trees for their felines, but it is always beneficial to go that extra mile for their pets by getting one. Cat trees play a vital and crucial role in the lives of these cats.

Most of the cat owners often see cat trees as decorative and additional pieces of furniture. The owners don’t realise its potential and the benefits it possesses. Cats are confined to indoor surroundings, and so it is essential to get a cat tree. It helps the cat exercise its habitual needs and find satisfaction through exploration, hunting, and by marking their territory.

Cat trees encourage a series of triggers. They learn to improve their claws and also enhance their muscles through pole climbing. This also helps them mark their territory by leaving their scent on.

Tall cat trees with vertical spaces make the cat feel very secure. The feeling of security can be from its fear against other living pets in the house.

It can also be called “Baby-Proofing” the house as it secludes the cat from the baby. Leaving babies alone with cats can be dangerous sometimes, and so it is essential to keep a cat tree for safety purposes.

Cats live in a vertical world. They enjoy climbing tall surfaces and viewing things from a high space. Cat trees give them stability and security. The importance of cat trees is very relevant to modern day cat owners.


One significant benefit of having a cat tree is creating peace and harmony among cats or just the cat as an individual. The cat usually occupies the highest perch to show her superiority amongst other cats in the house. However, cats, in general, enjoy top spots because of their vertical vision.

Different cats have different personalities. There are feisty, playful, as well as timid cats. Cat trees can provide timid cats with an environment of safety and comfort. Timid cats can easily stay away in seclusion from threats.

Cats have the habit of sleeping on the window ledge. A cat tree enables cats to rest on perches of different heights without complication. A window ledge does not have the space to accommodate 2-3 cats at once. But cat trees provide that possibility for the cats at once.

Cats enjoy climbing almost any structure as a cat owner, I am sure you have your cats climb on furniture, counter tops and even the top of a refrigerator if they’re crafty enough to do so.  A cat tree offers cats to reach elevated surfaces in a safe way without any worries of a cat losing its balance and hurting itself.

Additionally, cat trees are incredibly beneficial for cats in terms of furniture. Cats usually rest on the couch, bed, and tables. The cat tree provides them with their personal space and furniture. This enables owners the confinement to their personal space and will decrease the likelihood of your cat resting on furniture that it knows it should not be on at any point during the day.

One health benefit associated with purchasing a cat tree is it offers a series of challenges to the cats. These challenges include a variety of exercises to help them stay active and avoid health complications such as obesity.

Things to Consider Before You Get One!

One important thing to consider before you get the cat tree is the design of the cat tree itself. Many cat trees come in various sizes and settings. The space of the house, as well as the size of the cat, should be kept in mind. The height should be an important factor in your purchase because cats enjoy elevated areas. Designs with cradles, hammocks, and cat beds should be considered.

The support of the tree is a significant factor in pleasing your cat. The tree should have a stronger built posture with a sturdy base. This is important to hold and support the cat. Sturdy nature of the tree will be more appealing to the cats. It is always essential to get one with robust support and a pleasing look.

A cat tree with aesthetic features is always a plus-point for the owners. Cats are usually attracted to cat-themed trees. The tree should also contain scratching posts as well as hangers to add toys for your cats. It is also advisable to get a bigger platform to prevent your cat from slipping.

The price of cat trees can vary based on quality and features. Ladders, Perches, and tunnels should be in the cat tree during the purchase.

One crucial factor that should be considered before you buy the cat tree is to study and understand your cat or cats. There are different cats with a multitude of personalities who have their preferences. Active and playful cats prefer higher spots and toys. Lazy and chill cats prefer lower condos and privacy. Cats with kittens prefer enclosed spaces. These are the key factors determining your choice of a perfect cat tree.

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