Ways Cats Show Affection: 7 Unique ways to their loved ones

ways cats show affection

Ways Cats Show Affection:

It is hard to have a cat and not love the world out of them. Most times as humans, though, we tend to feel as though our love isn’t reciprocated. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Yes, cats are incredibly easy to love, but they’re also very loving creatures themselves and most times they happen to love us just as much as we love them – or even more.

The trick lies in recognizing how your feline chooses to show this affection. Like humans, cats have more than one way of showing their love and admiration and just like humans, this may come in mysterious and near-ridiculous ways.

I remember back when I wasn’t able to tell the signs, I’d notice my cat had a nasty habit of tugging and licking restlessly at me at the weirdest times. I’d be dog-tired (pun intended) and she’d pounce with her eyes all wide and adorable and then she’d start licking.

And then, whenever I happened to be in the mood to play around a little, all she’d do is jump into my laps, snuggle up and off she went into dreamland looking so cute and innocent.

So the trick is definitely in noticing the subtle communications, among which we have listed 7 of the most important below.

1. Ways Cats Show Affection: Purring

ways cats show affection

Purring is sort of a no-brainer. It is the most obvious ways cats show affection to humans. But even this, while quite easy to spot, has its technicalities. For most intents and purposes, though, once your cat start to purr in your arms it means that the feline is showing you just how much it adores and appreciates you.

But purring can also be tricky since it can mean that your cat is in some kind of distress. Yes, cats do purr when they’re in pain, and this is why it is important to be able to tell the difference between a cat purring out of comfort and one doing the same thing out of discomfort.

It isn’t so hard to tell, however, as the circumstance surrounding either scenario is always quite clear – for instance your cat would tend to purr out of joy when you’re petting her and having fun together, and purr out of distress when there is, say, an unfavorable external condition in play.

2. Licking

ways cats show affection

Another way by which cats show us that they love us so dearly is by licking. Not unlike humans there, too. Only difference is the felines do it so graciously and so beautifully that with them it’s never weird. Unless your cat is like mine and likes to go the extra mile in everything she does, then yes, it may get a little weird.

But no matter how intense it gets, having your cat lick you is a great sign that you’ve been a good owner and your feline loves you so much. It should also be considered as an honor of sorts, as in ‘I love you so much, I hereby bless you with the gift of my saliva’.

When you consider the fact that cats just love to lick themselves and do it to themselves religiously; and that cats that are affectionate with each other also lick each other as a way of grooming and as a sign of that affection, the significance of the honor bestowed becomes even more apparent.

3. Belly Exposure

ways cats show affection

Belly exposures is without a doubt one of the most adorable things about a cat. I always get a good laugh at seeing my cat lying on the floor looking all amazing and majestic while being goofy at the same time with her belly exposed upwards and her limbs in the air being all silly.

It is also a way of knowing that not only does your cat love and adore you, but also wants you to know that it feels safe around you.

Once your cat gets to the point where it can lie on its back and expose its belly to you, it is pretty much telling you, “Hey human, I love you, I trust you, and I’m trying to show you my adorable tummy to let you know how comfortable I am around you.”

4. Rolling One Of The Ways Cats Show Affection

Rolling is a sort of extension to the belly exposure. Having your cat not only expose its belly to you, but also rolling around is another ways cats show affection towards their owner.

It does bring a warm feeling to your heart once a cat actually starts to be affectionate towards you instead of jumping on counter tops creating a mess or on top of a keyboard, distracting you from your work. Once your furrever friend starts to roll around like a tumbleweed, you know that your cat trusts you as an owner.

Your cat trusts you, feels completely safe around you and doesn’t mind you knowing how much of a goof it is, because it makes her happy, and of course she’s sure it will make you happy too.

5.Tail Signs

ways cats show affection

Admittedly, tail signs may be a bit tricky. One of the reasons for this is because the tail is a very versatile mode of communication and response to stimuli for cats.

In other words, they use it to convey a wide range of emotions, and not knowing how to interpret it may be similar to not understanding hand signs, you may start getting mixed and ambiguous signals.

Luckily, the good thing about understanding the tail sign is: you don’t have to know it all. Once you understand the most important ones, it wouldn’t be hard to discern what exactly your cat is trying to convey with its tail waving.

Of course just like with the purring, the circumstance leading to the tail signs also matters quite a bit. Once you know how your cat responds to your loving gestures (most likely with its tails raised majestically upright in what is known as the “elevator-butt pose”) all you have to do is be on the lookout for this to tell whenever she’s feeling particularly affectionate towards you, or if she just wants to be fed, which is probably most of the time.This is also the ways cats show affection

6. Sleeping/Cuddling: Ways Cats Show Affection

ways cats show affection

You know that feeling you get when the person you love finally gets comfortable enough with you to sleep beside you, or on your lap? Well, that’s exactly how it is with cats too. Once they get comfortable enough to sleep on your lap, you’re so in there!

It’s also quite a warm feeling, not just for the cats, but for humans too, watching them as they begin their almost ethereal, magnificent vibration, with their heartbeats beating slowly, and their tiny body rising up and down while you gently pet them.

They also leave a familiar scent with you that further endears you to them, making it easier for future displays of affections. In other words, once your cat begins to fall asleep on your lap consistently, you belong to them.

7. Scratching

ways cats show affection

Affection has a way of being displayed through numerous means. Some are conventional, some, not so much. Love, after all, works in mysterious ways. Some cats lick you, some purr, some fall asleep on your laps, while some – well, some scratch the living crap out of everything you own. Just like my beloved cat.

This particular ways cats show affection may be baffling because, let’s face it, when you see a cat scratch at an object, you might think it’s mad at you and is getting ready to pounce on you when you’re asleep. However, not all cats have a mean streak.

Cats scratch to leave both scented and visual marks. It may be similar to dogs peeing to mark territory. If your cat scratches something you own, or places associated with you, it means that it loves you even more than you know, and what’s yours, is essentially hers too.

Conclusion About Ways Cats Show Affection

 In some ways, cats are not unlike humans. Sometimes we love so much, and so hard, we go to crazy lengths to show just how in love. Sometimes we’re so inarticulate, even though we want to so badly, we can’t get ourselves to explain in normal words just how in love we are, so we use body signals and do all sort of crazy things.

Just like cats.

Only difference is cats are a million times more adorable. So in case you’re feeling down and wondering if your cat loves you, all you have to do is be on the lookout for the signs mentioned above.

Another ways cats show affection is by bunting: cats rubs their cheeks or head on you as a way of planting their scents, and blinking: where your cat slowly blinks at you.

It is also advisable to show some reciprocity to let your felines know how much you love them too. You can do this by also slowly blinking at them, spending time with them, and grooming them.

What are some of the ways cats show affection to their loved ones?

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