Best Cat Trees for Large Cats: Top 5 List For 2019

best cat trees for large cats

Best Cat Trees For Large Cats: In my fantasy life, my cats and I live in this house full of climbing posts and cat towers.

The thing is: fantasy-me and real-me don’t have a lot in common.

She is clearly living a minimalist homeowner’s dream—I rent. She spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to turn her home into a giant cat tree—I buy the best cat tree I can, and hope it doesn’t buckle under the weight of some absolute units.

So where do I find the best cat trees for large cats?

I spend days—weeks, if we’re honest—researching. It paid off, and now I want to help you find the best cat tree for your furry friend.

If you want to provide her with activity and stimulation, a cat tree is a great solution. Or maybe, like most of us, you’re tired of sacrificing your sofa for your cat’s entertainment. I like my sofa. I don’t want it turned into a sad lump of stuffing, springs, and shredded fabric.

But I love my cats, and I want them to be happy and have a great quality of life. You do, too—that’s why you’re here.

So I’ve rounded up best cat trees for large cats. Our choices are based on the reviews of fellow cat owners, the quality of the cat tree, and how functional it actually is. We’ve also put together a helpful guide to help you find the cat tree that caters to your cat’s (very) personal tastes.

Let’s get into it!

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1. Best Cat Trees For Large Cats: AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock

best cat trees for large cats

This one looks pretty simple. So simple, actually, that you might be shocked by its popularity. ‘How popular?’ you ask. Over a thousand Amazon Prime customers gave it an average rating of 4.7 stars. It ranks in the Top 10 for Cat Trees on the site.

Maybe its appeal lies in the design—it’s a bit like a hammock strung between two palm trees. If the palm trees were made of natural jute fiber for your cats to sharpen their claws on. And if the hammock was plush, soft, and snug.

The AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock sits at a nice height for larger cats—around 19 inches in the hammock. It uses jute for the scratching posts, which is a hardy choice and helps your cat condition their nails easily.

Best for ….

Older cats, kittens starting out, and apartment dwellers.

What we loved

The AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock takes the cake for being the most wallet-friendly option. Set up is easy—it took 10 minutes. The color options are smart, too—beige and gray are popular tones in most homes.

Most importantly, the hammock-style cat tree was a hit with my cats. It’s definitely more of a lounge-around tree than an entertainment one. If you’ve got frisky felines, you might want to check out some of our picks later in the list.

One last thing I loved: the little dangling toy is detachable. This is a great safety feature if your cat hasn’t mastered her retractable claws yet, and also allows you to replace the toy later.

What we didn’t love

As I make my notes for this review, there is a 15 pound cat sleeping in rock pose in the hammock (that position where, every once in a while, I have to go over and check if he’s actually breathing). There’s another, though slightly less happy, 17 pounder waiting on the base for his turn. Which brings me to what I don’t love about it—I have two cats. This is more of a solo artist cat tree. Unless you wanted to buy two, I guess. The simple, comfortable design and affordability mean I could happily buy two and put them side by side. Or have this as part of a more complex cat tree system for multiple cats.

My cats are big, so the 19” scratching posts are a little shorter than they needed for a full stretch. They still get a lot of entertainment out of the posts—and show mercy to my sofa arms—so I count this as a win.

The Wrap Up

This was the smallest of our top 5 Best Cat Trees, and it just goes to show that small can be mighty. As the simplest offering—it literally is a base, two scratching posts, and a hammock—it executes everything well, and at an impressive price point. I would happily recommend this to anybody who owned a cat, regardless of age or size.

Good quality, hard wearing, a small footprint, a cosy spot for a cat nap, and a really small price—all things that land this guy firmly at the top of our Best Cat Trees for Large Cats list.

2. AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts

best cat trees for large cats

The Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts is probably what you think of when you picture a cat tree. It’s a triple platform tower covered in natural jute—for the scratching posts—and carpet—for the sleeping and pouncing areas. This tower sits at almost 46” tall, but with a base sitting just under 18” x 18”, it’s easy to sit in a corner.

Best for ….

Active cats of all ages, and people with hard wood or tile flooring.

What we love about best cat trees for large cats

There is a lot to love here. The nest at the top is around 12” in diameter, but even large cats can curl up for a comfortable nap. Assembly is quick and simple, and once I had this up and running it didn’t take long for the cats to come and check things out.

It has 7 jute-wrapped scratching posts—ideal for bigger cat families as it spreads the damage around and means each post lasts longer.

The multiple platforms mean your cats aren’t battling in the middle of the night for a turn in the nest, so if yours haven’t learned to share yet—just go get this now.

Actually, wait! One more thing:

This is one of the sturdiest cat trees my furry friends have met. They hurl themselves from the platforms to the sofa and it stays upright. One Amazon reviewer said his cat “frequently takes running leaps directly from the floor to the dish on top and has yet to topple it.”

What we don’t love

This is a tall structure, and it needs a solid surface—hardwood or tile floors are ideal. If you have wall to wall carpeting, you may need to consider one of our other Top 5 picks.

The Wrap Up

Being from the AmazonBasics line, this is an affordable option for a full-size cat tree. Aesthetically, you’re limited because it only comes in beige, but what it lacks in looks it makes up for in entertainment value and longevity.

3. AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Platform

best cat trees for large cats

This is the first of our Top 5 with a cat cave. Also called a cat condo or a hidey-hole, it’s the little enclosed box on some classic cat trees. It’s not necessarily shy cats who like a cat cave. Just like how you can spend over $50 on this tree and all your fuzzy buddy wants is the box, many cats enjoy being tucked up in small spaces. If yours is one of them, the Multi-Level Cat Tree by AmazonBasics is the affordable choice.

Best for ….

Cats of all ages who like a hiding space.

What we love

This offering from AmazonBasics is super-customizable.

We counted 7 different styles under the one title, and 5 different colors: beige, brown, dark brown, light gray, and dark gray. This review is for the model AmazonPrime calls Middle Hammock, which has 4 platforms, a cat cave, and a little hammock. We love the flexibility to pick an option that works for your furball.

It’s also just as sturdy as our #2 pick. There are two hanging cat toys—both detachable and replaceable.

What we don’t love

This part is our fault.

We chose the hammock model, which is less hammock and more piece of thick fabric connecting two platforms. If you have larger cats the hammock just looks awkward, and after an initial attempt to make it work, mine gave up. Smaller cats or kittens would probably fit quite comfortably, I think.

The Wrap Up

A full-size cat tree with this many features should cost a lot, right? Not this one.

It’s clear to see why this has a 4.5 star user rating: great for multiple cats, hard wearing, and despite its size it only took 15 minutes to put together. Five color choices and 7 different styles make it our most flexible pick of the Best Cat Trees for Large Cats.

4. FEANDREA Cat Tree for Large Cats, 2 Cozy Plush Condos and Sisal Posts

best cat trees for large cats

According to some AmazonPrime reviews we came across, this is a great choice for “extra fluffy” felines. It has a wide top platform (with a mattress!) which can comfortably fit two cats together. Like the AmazonBasic version we reviewed earlier, the Feandrea Cat Tree is more for napping and climbing than for playing.

Best for ….

Cats of all ages.

What we love

For starters, I was really impressed with the quality materials. The top lounger is soft and plush with a raised outer rim—perfect if your cats are prone to sprawling while they sleep. The base is reinforced with battens to stop it from toppling over in a fit of cat craziness, and there is an optional wall safety mount if you’re really worried about the tree being unbalanced. It also comes in 3 colors: beige, light gray, and smoky gray.

Having two cat caves is fantastic for a multi-cat family, too. You could comfortably accommodate more cats in this model, since the caves are quite big.

Finally, the scratch posts are solid. The jute used to wrap the posts is high quality, so this cat tree is likely to last well under years of brutal cat-claw attacks.

What we don’t love

There was nothing we didn’t love. The top platform is meant to come with a cushion insert—which mine did. I’ve seen some reviewers say the insert wasn’t included in their order. If that’s the case, I’ve found Feandrea’s customer service easy to get in touch with, and quick to respond.

The Wrap Up

This is one of Feandrea’s smaller offerings to the cat tree market, and it performs well. Its footprint is only 23” x 16” so it will fit comfortably in small living spaces. A great mini playground for your cat family, it gives them plenty of space to scratch, climb, and nap in peace.

5. Go Pet Club 72 Inch Cat Tree

best cat trees for large cats

Let’s address the elephant in the room—this cat tree is huge. The base is 50” x 26”, which is more than double the width of other cat trees to make our Top 5. It’s also 72” tall. If you’ve got the space for the Go Pet Club’s tallest tree, it’s definitely worth a closer look.

Best for ….

Multiple cats, and homes with a lot of space.

What we love

We’ve got multiple platforms for your cats to hang out on, a full 72” of vertical climbing space, a cute little ladder, two cat caves, and nine scratching posts. It’s also sturdy, even on carpeted floors.


Understandably, putting this behemoth together takes a bit of time—about 30 minutes and I needed to call in reinforcements a few times. Once it was assembled, the cat caves and hanging rope toy were the biggest draws.

There’s an added perk for our more eclectic readers, too. This is the only cat tree to make our Top 5 that comes in royal blue or leopard print. If you’re not ready for that much vibrancy in your decor, it also comes in beige.

What we don’t love

You may have noticed by now that I love a good hammock. The AmazonBasic Cat Scratching Post and Hammock has an excellent one and, seeing as we tested that first, maybe I’m biased.

This hammock is attached to the platform above it with hooks and string. That’s all. In its defense, over the last month of testing it withstood my 15- and 17-pound cats fine, so I may just be paranoid. I’ll update this review if it eventually caves under their immense, er, fluffiness.

The Wrap Up

Crammed full of great features, this cat tree is incredible value. Aesthetics are all a matter of personal taste, and this product caters to the wild—leopard print, remember?—and the subtle. Overall, if you have the space this is a great cat tree that should last your furry family members well.

Now that you’ve got our top picks for the best cat trees for large cats, let’s help you find yours. We harassed our vets and fellow cat lovers to find out which features are most important when it comes to choosing the perfect cat tree for your furry family.

We’ve bundled all their tips together to bring you our ultimate guide to choosing the best cat tree. We call it:

Buying The Best Cat Trees For Large Cats: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

Our goal for this buyer’s guide is to give you everything you need to make an informed decision on the best cat tree for your fluffy friend. For each feature that we think every cat parent should consider, we’ve got the whys, the whats, and the hows. If it helps, we’ve also included which cat tree from our Top 5 picks fits the bill the best. Enjoy!


The size of cat tree that’s best for you depends on a few things:

  1. The size of your cat
  2. The amount of free space you have
  3. And how many cats you have

The benefits of going for a larger size of cat tree are tied to how much more space they fill. A larger cat tree has more platforms and activities, and usually more scratching posts. The more cats you have, the larger a tree you’re probably going to need to keep them all happy.

The pitfalls of a larger cat tree are also tied to their size. Tall cat trees are more likely to fall over when your cat leaps gleefully from the top platform, and they take up a lot more space.

The benefits of a smaller cat tree are that it has a lower center of gravity, and takes up less space. They are great for senior cats who can’t climb as well as they used to, and also for kittens who are just learning the ropes. Lone-wolf type cats might also appreciate having their own place to nap and play in peace.

Some negatives to a small cat tree? Kittens may outgrow them, and they provide less mental or physical stimulation than their oversized counterparts.

Best small cat tree: AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock

Best large cat tree: Go Pet Club 72″ Cat Tree

Material Quality

My cats had their old tree for less than a year, and they loved it dearly. It was wobbly and frayed and the carpet was peeling, but they didn’t care. I cared deeply. It was so frustrating to see something they loved fall apart before their eyes, all because I bought the cheapest one I saw.

What I’m saying is: I want you to find something that lasts!

The most common type of cat tree is made of particle board, wooden planks and studs, and compressed paper tubing. The best combination of cost and quality come from using plywood, and the most high quality cat trees are made of real wood. Solid wood trees usually have excellent strength and craftsmanship, and the price reflects that.

When we look at the materials used to make our cat tree, screws are always better than glue. Glue is a good quick fix in an emergency, but avoid cat trees that use glue in their construction.

The materials to make it comfortable and appealing are usually carpet, or plush, or a combination of these. Does your cat like soft surfaces, or do they prefer sleeping on a hard bench or shelf? This will influence whether you look for cat trees with mattresses, or not.

Best quality materials: FEANDREA Cat Tree for Large Cats, 2 Cozy Plush Condos and Sisal Posts

Your cat’s personality

This should actually be the first thing you consider—but let’s go with it.

All cat trees offer benefits for our cuddly companions and make their lives better. They are safe places to play, they stimulate our cats’ bodies and minds, help them stay active, and let them experience the joy of clawing and climbing freely. Whichever cat tree you choose, if it gives these things to your fuzzy buddy, you’re already winning.

But there are some ways your feline companion’s personality will influence your choice.

Is your cat playful and adventurous?

Or easygoing and quiet natured?

Curious or play-it-safe?

Independent or sociable?

Frisky, fun-loving felines can do better with a larger tree with dangling toys, various platforms, and extreme heights. An easygoing, quiet cat may just want to climb into the highest nest and keep an eye on her surroundings.

Does your cat sleep under your bed or in a box or somewhere else small and enclosed? Then a cat tree with built in cat caves is your answer.

If you have multiple cats, do they get along? A small cat tree with a shared napping nest is great for cats who love each other. Not so great for cats who don’t, and it’s likely to mean that one of your cats is always left out in the cold.

Best for your cats personality: I feel like this is a trick question …

Scratching Posts

These are an absolute must. Honestly, if you get a cat tree for one reason—make it this one. The list of benefits for your cat, at any age, is huge:

  1. They help your cat release pent up energy
  2. They alleviate stress
  3. They help your kitten learn how to retract her claws
  4. They help hone climbing skills and coordination
  5. They clean and condition your cats claws, removing the dead outer layer
  6. They help cats bond. Often, cats will gather at scratching post without noticing each other. This is a good way to introduce cats without pressure and stress.

Most scratching posts are made of sisal or jute, which are both natural and hard wearing. Neither is better than the other, and they both stand up to claw-abuse well. Avoid buying a cat tree that uses carpet or anything similar on its scratching posts—this kind of material is way too weak to withstand your cat’s claws. (I can show you my rug if you need proof.)

Something important to consider when it comes to scratching posts is the post height. The best height post for a normal sized cat is around 18-20”. This allows them to get close to a full stretch when they are clawing.

Best for cat scratching post: Go Pet Club 72″ Cat Tree 


You don’t need to break the bank to get a good cat tree. Every cat tree that made our Best Cat Trees for Large Cats list was under $100. Of course, if you want to spend more, know what you’re spending for. Are you getting better quality materials like wood or ply? Are you getting nifty little mattresses for the nests or cat caves? Are you getting something that looks better than a classic cat tree?

Just remember, paying more doesn’t necessarily get you more.

Best for price: AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock

So that’s it—everything you need to make a great, solid cat tree choice.

While we were writing The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need, we came across a few questions. Most of these came from people who bought our top picks from the Best Cat Trees for Large Cats list, so if you were one of our readers who needed more info, this next section is for you.

The Best Cat Trees for Large Cats: Frequently Asked Questions

What if I only live in a small apartment?

You can still fit a good cat tree in your apartment. It’s actually even more important that indoor cats have that kind of stimulation. Take the time to look for a cat tree with a small footprint or get creative to find what works for you.

Do I need to put my cat’s food and water near their tree?

Most people have their cat’s food and water in the kitchen and their cat tree in the main living area, but there are no rules. Do what works for your family, because at the end of the day—you’re the ones that matter. Some families have a specific room in their house allocated to their fur family. You might have all the cat toys, trees, hammocks, food, and water in the same room, so your cats’ have their own space.

Whatever you decide, it is always important that your cats have access to their food and water if they need it.

My cat isn’t using it. Does that mean they hate it?

Not at all. I used to get frustrated when my cats rejected my gifts, but we have to be patient. Your furry friends will explore the tree in their own time. The important thing is to shop smart and get something that suits their needs. They will appreciate your effort eventually.

As a last resort, you could always try rubbing catnip all over your new cat tree!

Are there cat trees that don’t look so cat-tree-like?

There are cat trees that look like bookshelves and entertainment units. There are cat caves built into chairs and side tables. People are amazing—we’ve created all sorts of innovative ways to include our cats in our furniture shopping.

If you’re not willing to go that far, there are a lot of beautifully made cat trees which use natural and recycled materials. Some of these have a great minimalist aesthetic.

How do I clean a cat tree?

It will depend on the materials, but overall: a quick vacuum and wipe with a dry cloth when your cats aren’t looking. Do not use harsh, chemical, or fragranced sprays on a cat tree, as it will degrade the fabrics and scratching posts, and distort your cat’s scent.

How do I know if my cat needs a cat cave, hammock, or nest?

Does your cat like sleeping in boxes or enclosed spaces? If so, chances are she’ll like a cat cave. Cats that prefer sprawling across your sofa or in doorways enjoy the wide open space, so a hammock or nest is better suited. If you’re not sure, go for one that has both!

Conclusion: Picking the Best Cat Tree For Large Cats

That was quite a bit of information to go over, so thanks for sticking with me. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the best cat tree for your cat, and our top 5 picks are there to give you an idea of the quality and features you should look for. Not to mention, every single one of our picks can be snapped up on AmazonPrime for under $100.

I hope you got some value from The Best Cat Trees for Large Cats: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need. My hope is that it helps you choose a cat tree your furever friends will love. If so, don’t forget to comment and tell me what you found!

A good cat tree can give your cat the mental stimulation she needs, and also somewhere safe to hide out. Higher cat trees give her a strategic vantage point from which to survey her family minions. A good cat tree has steady platforms for all her nap times, and soft fabrics for her comfort.

Scratching posts allow her to sharpen her claws without killing your furniture, mark her territory, and get a good stretch.

All these things contribute to your cat’s health and happiness, and isn’t that all we really want?

Do you have a favorite cat tree? Comment below and let me know which one—I’d love to check it out!

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