Best Cat Condos – The Buyer’s Guide

best cat condos

Best Cat Condos: Bringing home a pet cat means making a long term commitment. It is surprising how this furry friend can warm your heart and become an exclusive member of the family. Among the many types of cat furniture that are popular, best cat condos are some of the pieces of furniture you can buy for your cat. These are not like any ordinary cat trees you find in the market. These best cat condos are an upgraded version of a normal cat tree as they add a cozy arrangement for the cat to run, jump, play, and rest. Price is not an issue as there are plenty of affordable options available to you.

When it comes to hiding, cats are ninjas. If you do not want to search for your kitty in every corner of the house, give it a dedicated hiding spot. This will make your cat feel safe and comfortable after all the active cat-parkour (cat-kour?) your cat probably likes to do when you’re not at home. Investments like these can ensure that the cat is well-rested. This is critical in the cat’s overall development.

A cat that sleeps well is one that will be more interested in playing with you and not climbing on counters or on your keyboard when you’re trying to work. Here is a list of the best cat condos that can keep your cat happy all day long.

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1. Best Cat Condos: All-in-one design BEWISHOME Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo

best cat condos

This condo makes a great first impression with its chic plush overall covering. It comes in two colors, which gives you some option of matching your home decor. The soft to touch fabric is also free from lint and doesn’t pose a pilling problem. Let your cat scratch and prance on it, and it still stays as good as new. It comes in a dismantled state and is quick and convenient to setup. Modular design allows you to add and remove the elements as how your cat prefers.

Multiple levels feature baskets, condos, hammocks, and platforms. It is tall enough for the cat to rest on its view tower at the same level as the human seating. Platforms and best cat condos all feature a light padding that adds to the comfort of the cat. The fur exteriors don’t just feel soft but are also accessible when it comes to cleaning. You can quickly dust your cat’s fur and maintain the condo clean at all times. For better balance in design and extended life, the core is CARB P2 grade board. The position of the levels also adds to the stability.

What we like:

  • Hanging ball ornaments keep the cat entertained
  • Sturdy base holds the tower in place even when the cat is jumping on the tree
  • Additional anchor support helps tether the tower to the wall for heavier cats
  • This durable tower is a piece of furniture that grows with your cat
  • Nice and dark interiors make it a comfortable place for naps

What we don’t like:

  • The separation between the platforms might seem small for larger cats to jump
  • The condo is strong enough to hold most adult cats, but the size of hammock and baskets might be a little small for them.

If you need something that looks posh and also gives a plush nest for your cat to rest, this is one of the best choices out there.

2. MidWest Curious Cat Cube

best cat condos

Coming from a brand that makes some of the bestselling pet homes for large pets like large breed dogs to guinea pigs, this condo is a great choice for cats. Even in a cramped apartment, this cube is sure to fit in a narrow spot. The best part is that you can knock it down and store it flat when not in use. This makes it a condo suitable for carrying during travel. Both folding the condo and setting it back up are easy and quick. This way, your furry friend will have his or her favorite den to rest.

Designed for small cats, there is a tiny entryway at the base to enter into the comfortable condo. There is also a padded resting spot on the top for those times when your cat loves to have your insight. Peepholes and hanging balls are addons that make this condo a fun addition. The elegant finish and the neutral colors available make it easy to complement any interior décor theme with this. Therefore, you have a piece of pet furniture that blends well with the rest of the furniture in the room while also ensuring your cat’s comfort. Tested for durability, the sheepskin and faux suede combination fabric lining on the outside are resilient to cat’s scratches. The overall structure’s stability makes it safe for the cat to climb on the cube.

What we like:

  • Faux suede fabric is easy to maintain clean
  • Fleece inner lining in the condo provides plush padding for the cat to rest
  • Balls with jingles are useful to entertain the cat

What we don’t like:

  • There aren’t any extra features or climbing poles on this

If you have a space constraint and need something that is compact and useful, this MidWest cat cube is a classic choice.

3. Vesper Cat Furniture

best cat condos

Rustic versatile looks can impress minimalists as well as those who need something sophisticated for their cat. Coming in a dismantled state, this one includes clear assembly instructions. The height of the V-High base variant is its strongest trait. This means that the observation platform for the cat is high up, providing it a good climbing experience. The support poles on this structure also double up as scratching poles. They come lined with multiple layers that can withstand scratches and still look new.

The robust build of this tower is something that makes it an attractive choice for cat owners who need something for long term use. The cube cave is appropriately sized for most cats. Without being too cramped or too large, these provide an abode that makes the cat feel secure. Inside the cube and on the climbing deck and observation platform, there are thin cushions provided. These are easy to remove, and therefore cleaning them is very convenient. The base is completely flat, and the design is stable. This prevents the tower from tumbling when the cat is jumping from the height.

What we like:

  • Even the fussiest cats will find plenty of things to do on this tree
  • Height of the tree is convenient for large cats who need a challenging play area
  • Memory foam cushion gives a cozy feeling
  • Design features rounded edges to deliver safe climbing
  • Hanging balls are easy ways to entertain cats

What we don’t like:

  • The ropes on scratching poles are strong, but they tend to become loose with vigorous scratching
  • For a large cat, the resting cube might feel a little too tight to use

For cat parents looking for a multipurpose condo that can last for years, the Vesper cat furniture condo is a great choice.

4. PETMAKER Cat Condo 2 Story Double Hole: Best Cat Condos

best cat condos

Whether you have two cats or whether you are looking to give your cat different resting spots to explore, this one features a two-story design. Made of particleboard, this condo comes with soft fur fabric lining on the outside. Made of polyester blend, it is resilient to scratches and doesn’t tear easily. The fabric is also practical when it comes to cleaning. You can quickly dust it or even use a vacuum to remove pet fur. It is light and easy to handle. Therefore, you can quickly shift positions in the room whenever required. Overall, the well-rested frame feels solid enough to bear the weight.

Though compact on the outside, it does offer a roomy hiding den for cats. It can be used for cats older than 10 weeks. With the spacious interiors, there is a small entry hole, and the chamber stays dark inside, which in turn, gives cats the privacy they might be seeking. Besides the hiding holes on the top and bottom, there is a scratching surface at the back. Made of sisal, this is a sturdy scratching surface that your cats can file its paws on.

What we like:

  • It comes ready to use out of the box
  • The small size makes it a suitable option for tiny apartments
  • The scratching post is easy to use for cats young and old
  • It is a low maintenance condo
  • The cylindrical design allows positioning near any nook

What we didn’t like:

  • Cushioning is insufficient for long naps
  • Given the lightweight profile and the height, this one topples if the cat tries to jump on to it

As a stylish piece of pet furniture, it can instantly light up any corner in the living room while delivering a comfortable hiding spot for the cat.

5. Kitty City Large Cat Bed, Stackable Cat Cube

best cat condos

It is one of the top-rated choices when it comes to functionality. It does what it promises and delivers a cozy resting area without any fluff. The balanced design prevents the cube from toppling even when a heavy cat climbs on top of it. The stability here also comes from the sufficient weight of the cube. Therefore, you can continue using this cube as your cat grows. While it is heavy for the cat to push the cube down, it is light enough for the owners to move around.

Complementing this comes to the collapsible design, and therefore you can pack the cube flat when not in use. Its stackable design also allows you to carry only as many cubes as needed when you are traveling. Whether you have horizontal space or vertical, you can alter the stacking pattern accordingly. Stacking two cubes, one on top of the other, feels solid. This gives enough height for the cat to climb and utilize as a perch spot. Even if you are buying a condo for your cat for the first time, this comes with a straightforward design and no complicated assembly steps. Plush cushions not only look good but also provide a warm and comfortable spot for cats. There is a large space on the inside to allow even large cats to use the cube. Two-way exit gives the cat a quick hiding spot when it is in a hurry.


What we like:

  • Modular design allows quick customization
  • Multiple add-ons are available for purchase
  • The flat-based design increases stability
  • Sizing of the interiors provides a secure and private nap spot
  • Cushions are removable and easy to wash

What we didn’t like:

  • There are no elements of entertainment
  • The top platform doesn’t carry as comfortable padding as the cubes

For cat owners looking for a worthy investment for multiple cats, this one brings good value for money.

Choosing the Best Cat Condos – A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

Before we tell you about the features that make a cat condo an excellent option to consider, here are some of the benefits of picking one for your cat:

  • They provide cats privacy when they want
  • Secure hiding spots are essential when the cat feels stressed
  • For naps, these best cat condos offer a place where they have no disturbance
  • Most of them come with resting spots along with climbing areas to entertain the cat
  • Cats love to climb, and it is an essential part of their growth and development. When you are living in an apartment where there is not much space for the cat to climb and run, condo tree designs give them the exercise they need every day.

Here are some of the features to look into while buying a cat condo:

  • Tree condo vs. condo cubes

Tree condos are like one-time investments for cat owners. With these in place, you do not have to spend on a separate climbing tree and separate condo. These come with multiple levels for the cat to climb and also feature a resting and observation on the top. If you are running short of space, then a compact cube condo would do the trick. With this, the focus is simply to give your cat a space to take its naps or hide.

  • Bells

Bells or balls with jingle come as a part of the design in most of the condos. When you pick a condo with bells or balls, pick those where the balls are tethered firmly to keep the cat from pulling them out.

  • Multiple exit holes

Multiple exit holes design allows entry and exit from different spots. This comes handy when the cat is trying to enter its condo when it is scared or stressed.

  • Cushion

Padding, as well as the thickness, are both essential features to consider. To ensure the hygienic maintenance of the condo, it is essential for the design to feature removable cushions.

  • Levels

Multiple levels or even a stackable design like the one from Kitty City from our list, allow a challenging and engaging area for cats to climb and rest. They also love to nap perched at a height, and multilevel designs offer them that.

  • Material

Look for durable materials for long life and even those that are safe on the cat’s skin. Several condos come with the gentle fabric without any harsh chemicals

  • Dimensions

Dimensions of the whole condo and the entry hole determine the age and size of cats that can conveniently enter and use the condo. Do not forget to check the maximum weight capacity of the condo, especially when you choose one with multiple levels.

  • Stability

Along with the dimensions, the stability of construction is also essential. Even a young cat that doesn’t weigh much can topple a condo if it doesn’t have a balanced structure. Overall, condo weight can be significant when you pick a tall tree condo. The extra weight keeps the condo in place.

  • Portability

Both weight and storage space required to determine whether the chosen condo is suitable for use during travel. If you travel often and need a condo that you can carry everywhere, then a simple collapsible cube with removable cushion works well.

  • Assembly

Most of the condos arrive compactly packed with the pieces dismantled. Some require simple tools to set up, and others can be pitched without any tools.

Final Thoughts: Best Cat Condos

With these best cat condos in place, you can be at peace knowing that your cat would not scratch your couch again. When it has its dedicated spot for scratching and hiding, you would not have it hiding and then getting stuck in inaccessible nooks of your house. Cat condos are fun additions to any home. With the many ways in which you can use them, these make versatile furniture options to add to your living room.


Cats love the security you provide them, and they would be more eager to come out and play. When you bring home a young kitten, such condos might be more essential than ever. These can act as elements that help them adjust to the new home. From the list we have presented, our favorite is the – BEWISHOME Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo with Sisal Scratching Posts. This cat condo lets your cats stretch, scratch, and stay comfortable for long hours. This condo also looks stylish and can make a nice addition to your living room  without compromising on the overall aesthetic of the room. Comfort is provided in numerous fun ways with this condo.


With all these benefits, these are also durable trees with built-in condos known for their longevity. Have you purchased any of these best cat condos for your pet? If so, do your cats love it?

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