Royal Canin Cat Food Reviews: Top 5 Best Cat Food

Royal canine cat food reviews

Royal canin cat food reviews:

Don’t you love how your cat purrs when you cuddle it? Doesn’t it make you feel special when you come back home tired? In return, doesn’t your lovely ball of fur deserve the best treatment? Sure it does!

Not only your full attention, but your cat also deserves the best hygienic food to grow up real quick. But finding out a good cat food is difficult since the market has to offer you a whole range of products from various brands. While buying cat food you must keep a note of the nutrition list so that your cat doesn’t lack the proper vitamin or protein that it needs.

If you are looking for the best cat food then you are in the right place. In this article, we will offer various Royal Canin cat food reviews so that you can make a well-informed decision. Read on to know more about them.

Before we start, you may ask why Royal Canin cat food and not any other brand? Well, let’s address that question first. According to the Royal Canin manufacturer, every cat is unique and Royal Canin celebrates that uniqueness. Lifestyle, age, sensitivities – everything is crucial points when it comes to considering the right wet or dry cat food for the feline. Royal Canin makes such foods with proper nutrition that suit all stages of the cat’s life.

Did you know that a cat has around 475 taste buds?

A desirable flavor is indeed important but you can’t compromise with a nutritional diet. Royal Canin effectively merges this gap. They offer tasty cat food combined with proper nutrient balance along with a satisfying texture, specific kibble size, and shape, savory aroma to provide the ultimate cat food solution.

Apart from these, Royal Canin also offers different formulas for seniors, adults, and kittens along with distinct formulas based on lifestyle needs like spayed or neutered or indoor.

Incorporating a perfect combination of dry and wet cad food can be beneficial for your cat. While in wet food the moisture content helps to support healthy hydration, in dry food the concentration of texture and nutrients provide a brushing effect.

In the following passages, we will review several cat foods from the brand Royal Canin. Go through these Royal Canin cat food reviews before buying the right food for your feline
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Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Mother & Babycat Dry Cat Food

Royal canine cat food reviews


Unlike various other brands, Royal Canin follows a scientific basis while producing cat food. It researches the unique nutritional need of each pet and formulates the precise combination ideal for the cat. Baby cats can grow quickly and thereby their nutritional needs are different from a healthy adult cat. 

A mother cat’s milk needs to contain a protective antibody so as to produce a healthy kitten with a strong natural defense. But when a baby cat transitions from drinking milk to chewing solid food, their immunity system is still developing. This sort of transition period can leave the cat in a fragile condition if it doesn’t get the right nutrients that it demands. Royal Canin Dry Kibbles is designed to cater to such needs.

What we like?

  • This product is designed for kittens exclusively.
  • Perfect for the transition phase of growing cats.
  • It is affordable.
  • This works well for nursing cats.
  • Growing cats add good weight and shiny fur during this transition phase.

What we don’t like?

  • The product is not marked clearly for kitten and adult cat food.
  • The food turns greasy very quickly.

A closer look at what the product has to offer:

The Royal Canin Feline Dry Cat Food is dedicated to meet the specific needs of growing kittens of 1 to 4 months and pregnant or nursing cats.

It can easily support the immune system of a young cat with its exclusive complex of vitamins and antioxidants that are required for the cat to stay healthy and become strong.

Complements both Mother and Kitten

The easy to chew small dry kibble are effective for a baby cat transition from liquid milk to solid food. Therefore, it’s the right complement to the mother and baby cat food. It promotes a healthy digestive and immune system by developing highly digestible prebiotics and proteins.

Royal Canin Mother & Baby cat dry food contains DHA in order to build a strong foundation for the brain development of the cat starting right since in the womb and continuing through the pregnancy of the mother cat.

Its ingredient list includes chicken fat, corn, wheat, brewers’ rice which promotes healthy growth. The food is filled with essential nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin B12, folic acid, potassium, magnesium oxide, vitamin D3, etc. that help to develop a strong immune system.

Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Indoor Adult Dry Cat Food

Best Royal canine cat food reviews


Indoor cats generally spend a life full of leisure with occasional napping, grazing, and grooming. Such leisure time needs proper nutrition to ensure that adult cats don’t gain extra weight because extra weight can cause severe health damage for the cats. Further, lack of proper nutrition can cause the cat to regurgitate hairballs and thereby leave disgusting stool odor in their litter box.

For this reason, Royal Canin Indoor Dry Cat Food is designed to serve nutrition to these lovely lazy house cats in order to ensure that they live a magnificent, substantial, long, and healthy life.

Nutrition Friendly

The right amount of protein reduces the waste materials in their litter box. Further, the moderate calorie level helps the cats to maintain a perfect weight. Optimal fiber helps to control hairballs. And the unique dry cat kibble helps the cat to chew properly in order to reduce tartar and dental build-up. You can also add some Royal Canin Adult Instinctive Wet Cat Food on top of the bowl so as to add a different texture including dry and wet cat food. It will serve to their taste buds. With about 50 years of scientific observation and research, Royal Canin continues to offer the right nutrition to feed all the cats.

What we like?

  • The moderate calorie level helps to the cats to maintain a perfect weight.
  • Cats love the taste
  • Say yes to health and nutrition care with this product
  • Keeps the hair and skin scab free
  • The coat turns shinier after regular consumption

What we don’t like?

  • Not every cat loves the taste. You have to try the product out before switching to it completely.

A closer look at what the product has to offer:

The Royal Canin Indoor Adult Dry Cat Food is formulated for the 1 to 7 years of a healthy cat.

It helps to move the hairballs as well as helps in grooming the digestive system of the cat with the proper blend of fibers.

The calorie content is controlled and adapted to meet the requirement of the leisurely lifestyle of indoor cats. Thereby it helps them to maintain a healthy weight.

The digestible protein content helps to increase the digestibility of the foods and thereby decreases litter box odor as well as the amount of stool.

Royal Canin Indoor Adult Dry cat food promotes oral health by its crunchy texture by adding essential minerals which slow down the formation of tartar.

Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Adult Instinctive Canned Cat Food

Royal canine cat food reviews for adult instinctive


Adult cats require more nutrients than the young ones. But they often lead a lifestyle full of grooming; grazing and napping that may often lead to obesity and increase the body weight and can also cause serious digestion issues. The formula of this Adult Instinctive Canned Cat Food contains a perfect ratio of the energy derived from carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. The added flavor also serves to the taste bud of your lovely ball of fur. As a result the pet always finishes its meal without gaining excessive weight. Thereby this food makes a difference in the health of the cat while satisfying its cravings.

What we Like?

  1. This is an affordable option
  2. Very healthy and comprises of the right amounts of nutrients
  3. The best part is you can save a lot of money when you buy the product online

What we don’t like?

  • Sometimes the product turns out to be odorless and the cat refuses to eat food.

A closer look at what the product has to offer:

Royal Canin Instinctive Canned Cat Food is dedicated to the cats belonging to the age ranging from 1 to 7 years.

An instinctively ideal ratio of carbohydrate, protein, and fat offers proportionate nutrition to the cat and can satisfy even the most scrupulous cat.

A perfectly balanced mixture of minerals and vitamins helps to maintain an optimal health condition of the cat while enhancing its wellness.

This Adult Instinctive Canned Cat Food promotes an ideal weight and healthy digestion. It is especially tailored to cater to the needs of an adult cat that’s habituated in an indoor lifestyle.

You can mix this cat food with Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition dry formula in order to offer perfectly balanced nutrition to your furry friend.

Royal Canin Feline Care Nutrition Intense Beauty Canned Cat Food

Royal canine cat food reviews for Beauty


Your cat has everything starting from a shiny coat to a charming personality, to a sleek physique. But beauty is inherent and it is only the inner glow that gets reflected outside. Therefore, it’s extremely important take care of a healthy diet so that your cat never looks dull or lifeless. Royal Canin Feline Care Nutrition Intense Beauty Canned Cat Food is full of balanced nutrients that include omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids which support the soft and shiny coating of your cat’s fur. The formula is also effective to maintain a healthy weight.

The perfect balance of minerals and vitamins support the optimum health condition and wellness that help to keep the cat beautiful both inside and outside, You can prepare this food along with Royal Canin Hair & Skin Care dry cat food which will surely allure the cat to finish the meal.

What we Like?

  • Works best for the shining coat of your cat
  • Very healthy and comprises of the right amounts of minerals, vitamins, and omega fatty acids
  • The food is a triangle in shape and is quite an interesting one for the cat.
  • The product is recommended by veterinarians for Kidney insufficiency.

What we don’t like?

  • Expensive renal food

A closer look at what the product has to offer:

This Canned Cat Food is tailored to serve nutrition to 1 year or older cats.

It nourishes a shiny and beautiful coat while providing optimal levels of fatty acid.

It helps to maintain a perfect weight by offering specially formulated nutrition.

Royal Canin Feline Care Nutrition Intense Beauty Canned Cat Food can promote optimal wellness and health condition by delivering the right balance of minerals and vitamins.

It can mix effectively with Royal Canin Hair & Skin Care dry cat food to offer a texture that attracts the taste buds of the cat.

Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Indoor Intense Hairball Dry Cat Food

Royal canine cat food reviews for best hair


The feline care nutrition offers a whole range formulated especially by nutritionists and veterinarians in order to address the cat’s particular requirement and sensitivities: for instance, dental or tartar plaque formation, dull skin, and sensitive coating, tendency to put on weight really quick, digestive disorders.

The triangle-shaped kibbles and textures help to promote chewing that reduces tartar and plaque formation. It is also designed for indoor cats belonging to the age range of 1 to 10 years who are prone to grow hairballs. The sedentary lifestyle and lower energy needs of indoor cats result in a higher risk of growing obese. Such cats are sheltered from temperature variations that often aggravate the problem of hair swallowing during growing up.

It’s not unusual for long hairy cats to struggle with hairballs. But since they can’t digest the hair after swallowing, the hairball begins to grow in the stomach and cause serious health issues. This cat food promotes the cat’s digestion while reducing the hairball formation.

What we Like?

  • Works best for vomit or hairball issues of the cat.
  • The best dry cat food for those who are suffering from constipation and throwing up.

What we don’t like?

  • Does not suit all cats

I do have to make mention of some of the negative product reviews for this product. It seems that this particular cat food had undergone some revisions in 2017 and some cat owners noticed that their cast did not like the change to the food and would snub their nose at it. I’m sure you’ve experienced this with your cats at some point in your life as cats are notoriously finicky eaters.

However, it seems that as recently as 2019, the overwhelming majority of people state that this food is a godsend for fluffy cats that suffer from hairball issues.

 A closer look at what the product has to offer:

This dry cat food is tailored to offer nutrition to the cats of 1 year and older who are prone to issues like hairballs.

It helps to eliminate hairballs by moving the hair the cat often swallows by its GI tract. It has an exclusive blend of dietary fibers that help to stimulate the intestine tract naturally so that the swallowed hair can pass quite easily. That way the hair doesn’t grow any hairball and directly gets washed out into the litter box.

It helps to support dental and digestive health. With its all-round service, cat food is an ideal choice for almost everyone.

You can add Royal Canin Hairball Care Thin Slices in Gravy wet cat food with this one to offer perfect nutrition and texture to the cat’s taste buds.

Choosing the best product type

Choosing the right cat food for your pet is an important as well as difficult decision. While you can’t compromise with their nutrition intake, they won’t touch the food if it’s not yummy. Meeting both ends is often a difficult task for many of the cat lovers. This is why we have tailored our buying guide to serve the right food to your cat. We can also ensure that this is the only buying guide you’ll ever need. So don’t waste time looking for a decent purchasing guide of cat food and go through this section thoroughly.

First, let’s categorize cat food in two major sections:

Dry food:

Dry food which is also referred to as kibble is mainly based on animal products. But it may also contain textured vegetable protein and other types of fillers. Dry foods generally contain less than 10 percent of water. Therefore, if your pet is on a dry diet, it can easily drink enough amount of water.

Dry food is preferable than wet food because unlike the latter it does not retain moisture and thereby doesn’t let bacteria or germs form. However, you must ensure that while storing dry food the container must be tightly sealed so that it doesn’t catch moisture and get wasted.

Wet food:

Wet cat food is referred to as canned food that contains 75 to 78 percent moisture. It can come in various flavors such as chicken, tuna, duck, lamb, turkey. Several wet foods also include vegetables like spinach. While your cat is on a wet food diet, don’t let it drink too much water because the moisture of the food is enough to keep the cat hydrated.

In most of cases, wet foods are more expensive than dry food but it offers the cat a major source of nutrition: protein. Due to its high protein content, you should mix it with dry food. Only dry cat food is not enough to provide the right amount of protein.

Wet food has its own maintenance

Make sure to put the leftover food on the dish before keeping it inside the freezer. Don’t leave it in the can since it will form bacteria. Wet food usually lasts for 3 to 4 days in the fridge. After that, the food will gradually become sour and it’s not hygienic anymore to feed it to your cat. Also, you can warm the food before a meal if your cat prefers light warm food over a cold one.

Now that you know the two basic types of cat foods, we will offer a few more variations of cat foods. With all these minute details we are sure that you will find this article to be the ultimate buying guide for your cat food.

Every cat is unique as per their age, taste, lifestyle

While an indoor cat spends a more leisurely time and has a tendency to put on weight really quick, stray cats require more food as they are more active throughout the day. While buying cat food, you must bear all these in mind.

Cat Food for Kittens and Nursing Mothers

For instance, if you are looking for cat food for a mother cat and a few months old kittens, it must be filled with vital vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin D3, etc. For such a cat Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Mother & Babycat Dry Cat Food is ideal. The little sized and shaped kibbles are easy for the kittens to chew. They are perfect for the transition period from milk to solid food. It also helps to build the immunity system and a strong digestive system that’s essential for a cat while growing up.

Cat Food for Adult Cats

Adult indoor cats spend their time leisurely and have a tendency to become obese. This cat food will keep their weight in check as it is low on the carbohydrate and fat side.

While nutrition and weight are all good stuff and you must be concerned about them, nevertheless outer beauty is indeed a genuine concern for many cat owners. To address such a scenario, this Nutrition Cat Food is the right choice for you. Outer beauty relies much on inner health. This cat food provides a proportionate amount of protein and folic acid and thereby offers a shiny and beautiful coat.

Cat Food for Long-Haired Cats

The long-haired cats often suffer from the problem of hairballs. It causes by the fact that once a hair goes into the stomach of the cat, it can’t digest it and most often than not the hair forms a hairball which can severely affect the health of the cat. Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Indoor Intense Hairball dry cat food  is the best choice for the cat owners if your cat is suffering from such an issue. It will help to pass the hair through the GI tract and it falls into the litter box. That way you don’t have to worry about hairball troubles. This cat food is also effective to build a strong digestive system.

While all these cat foods are dry ones and are rich in nutrients, you can also combine them with wet cat foods so as to attract your feline to finish its meal. In our detailed Royal Canin cat food reviews, we have suggested a few cat foods that can be combined with the reviewed items. Go through them once.

So What’s the Best Overall Royal Canin Food?

Though there are various brands of foods, you must check the ingredient list because as there are junk foods for a human being, cat food, too, is no exception to that. Make sure that the ingredient list includes items like corn, wheat chicken or any animal protein, cornmeal, etc. These provide the right nutrient that your furry friend deserves. This is why we prefer the Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Indoor Intense Hairball dry cat food  since it ensures to fill their foods with the right amount of nutrition.

Each of these cat foods has their distinct purposes. While some help to promote healthy digestion and keeps the weight in check, some help to reduce hairball formation. There are others that enhance the beauty and shine of the coating. Some are good for the adult or mother cat while some are beneficial for young kittens. Now that you have learned about so many different types of cat foods, you can easily choose the right one for your cat. Give your furry friend the proper nutrient and amazing flavor that it deserves.

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