Halo Cat Food Reviews

Halo Cat Food Reviews

Halo Cat Food Reviews:

I have a confession: My cats eat better than I do.

They haven’t always had it so good. Back in our early days, I figured anything made especially for cats had to be good for—y’know—cats.

Then on the back of a bag of kibble I saw this: now with real meat derivative. What was in it before, if it wasn’t real meat? Had I inadvertently turned my cats into vegetarians? Even in my cat-parenting noob-ness I knew that wasn’t good.

And right there, my cat food obsession began.

Case in point: today we’re writing a Halo cat food reviews.

Halo sources all its meats from the U.S., New Zealand, and Canada. Its fruits and vegetables—because yes, those go into cat food—come from Europe, and support the brand’s GMO-free mission. They manufacture on American soil and if the name sounds familiar, here’s a fun fact: Ellen DeGeneres has owned part of the company for the last 11 years.

There’s a lot to love about the Halo story. I’ll tell you more about it later. Don’t worry—we’ll do the review part first.

Today, we’re going to dive deep into the Halo menu for our fuzzy (and not-so-fuzzy) felines. I’ve filtered through twenty-six of the Halo cat food reviews of products to bring you 5 of the best. I’ve broken down each selection to show you what makes it good, what could make it better, and why it might be a great choice for your cuddly companion.

Are you ready? Grab your furry friends a snack—we might be a while.

Full disclosure: Products tested were products formulated for adult cats.

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You can expect Halo cat food reviews to provide your cat with good quality vegetables and human-grade meats. There are no by-products included in the final product of the halo cat foods. There is a reason that the word holistic is hugely visible on the bags and the cans of the halo cat food. It does not include any artificial flavors, added preservatives, and artificial colors.

Cats can be pretty picky when it comes to their food, however, you should not worry about this as not only will your cat like halo cat food but it also ensures the proper health of your cat through the variety of balanced blends it includes. You can also find cat food by Halo that that specifically addresses issues for cats with any energy, fur, skin and digestive issues.

Below mentioned are the reviews of the top five cat foods that the Halo Cat food reviews offers. All of these cat foods are sure to provide your cat with safe and healthy food that will fulfill the dietary needs of your cats for the years to come. We have also mentioned the pros and cons of each product along with the reviews to give you an in-depth overview.

Halo Natural Dry Cat Food, Wild Salmon ; Whitefish Recipe

halo cat food reviews for your cats

If you want to know how good your cat food is, check the ingredients. For reference—and I really don’t want to get in trouble for this—there’s a really common cat food in your supermarket. It’s first 5 ingredients are: poultry by-product meal (which is totally not the same as chicken), ground yellow corn, ground wheat, corn gluten meal, and soybean meal.

By comparison, the first 5 ingredients in Halo Wild Salmon ; Whitefish are: salmon, whitefish, egg, peas, and oatmeal. I’d be comfortable eating any of those things for dinner.

Who is it for?

Adult cats. It has Halo’s DreamCoat blend to improve your cat’s skin and coat. It also contains oatmeal—a great addition to your cat’s diet because it provides fiber, antioxidants, and minerals.

What’s to love?

Straight off the bat, it smells like real food. It has real ingredients, and Halo show their awareness of what cats need with their vitamin and mineral list.

And what’s not to love?

I guess the biggest drawback is the price.

But here’s what I noticed: the feeding guide on the packaging recommends feeding smaller amounts than other, cheaper foods, and my cats’ poops are smaller than they used to be. According to Halo’s service team, this is because more of the product is absorbed and used by your cat’s system.

The Big Picture

I was on board with this brand to a fanatical degree after testing this dry food. Halo ensures their Wild Salmon ; Whitefish offering is palatable, preservative and artificial junk-free. In my opinion, this is the cat food that should dominate any Halo cat food reviews list.

Halo Cat Food Reviews: Halo Natural Dry Cat Food, Sensitive Stomach Seafood Medley


halo cat food reviews for your sensitive cats

If your cat is a fish fan, this is another hit.

Who is it for?

It’s designed specifically for cats with digestive issues. Digestive issues can manifest in a bunch of ways—vomiting, weird poops, constipation, or a dull coat. Chronic digestive issues can cause weight loss or stop your cat from gaining healthy weight. Halo’s Sensitive Stomach Seafood Medley works to reduce digestive symptoms and make sure more quality ingredients are getting into your cat’s system.

What’s to love?

We’ve got thoughtfully chosen proteins—from fish and egg—and oat groats. Oat groats provide long-lasting fiber. These give your cat a slow release of energy without stressing out his digestive system.

And what’s not to love?

When I checked some reviews for the Seafood Medley, I noticed a few people talking about their cats refusing to eat. I spoke with Halo’s customer service about working through this:

  • Remember that cats imprint on specific foods. The smell, shape, and texture tells them that this is, in fact, their food. This is why it’s important to make the switch slowly. Mix a small amount of the new food into your usual brand. The next day, mix a little more. Rinse and repeat until your cat is fully assimilated into his awesome new diet.
  • If your cat eats a certain wet food, mix some of that with your Halo dry food until you’re confident the switch has ‘stuck’.
  • Add tuna juice. The smell alone can make the new diet more appealing.

The Big Picture

There’s some strong feedback online about the Halo Seafood Medley making a difference for cats that vomit after meals. If this is something your family is dealing with, the ingredients and ratios in Halo’s Sensitive Stomach formula put up a compelling case for giving this one a chance.

Halo Spot’s Stew Cat Formula Grain Free Hearty Chicken Recipe


Get to know about halo cat food reviews

You know how earlier I told you there was an interesting story behind Halo? Well, here it is:

Back in the 80s, Halo founder Andi Brown had a sick pet named Spot. Spot was shedding, he smelled funny, he had digestive issues and a skin disorder. His vet gave up—there was nothing else to try. Spot’s owner disagreed, and with the help of a chef (yes, a chef for humans) they developed a whole-food, real-ingredient pet food. Spot loved it, and within months his body and coat had healed. That food was named Spot’s Stew, and it was the product that launched Halo to the world.

Who is it for?

It caters to adult cats, and has a focus on the natural, non-GMO modified, zero-preservative, quality food that your cat needs. This is also a grain-free wet food, so it’ll appeal to fussy eaters and seniors, too.

What’s to love?

The ingredients! Chicken, chicken broth, chicken liver, carrots, zucchini, green peas, green beans, celery, turkey. Let’s be honest, who even puts that much goodness into their own body on a daily basis?

And what’s not to love?

Right down at the bottom of the ingredients list is garlic powder. There is a lot of information online that garlic and onion are toxic to cats, because they cause a lethal type of anemia. On the other side of the argument, Andi Brown—Halo founder and author of The Whole Pet Diet—devotes a whole page to discussing the benefits of garlic in your cat’s diet.

The Big Picture of Halo Cat Food Reviews

Honestly, the Halo Spot’s Stew smells better than some of my cooking experiments. The price point is on par with other high end cat foods, but for palatability.

I’d rate this tops for the Halo wet foods range.

Halo Grain Free Natural Wet Cat Food, Chicken, Shrimp ; Crab Recipe


Best halo cat food reviews for your healthy cats

Our second wet food on the list, the Chicken, Shrimp ; Crab formula is more of a pate-style food with vegetables. In online reviews, this grain free canned cat food is the best performer for the brand—I couldn’t find an overall rating under 4 stars. The Chicken, Shrimp ; Crab are definitely doing something right!

Who is it for?

This is labeled for adult cats, but is the second grain-free food in our review—so again, it’s going to be digestible for most cats at any stage.

What’s to love?

This is another Halo formula that sounds better than what I cook at home. The ingredients in the name are at the top of the ingredient list—meaning there is a generous quantity of these solid proteins in the tin. It also contains taurine, vitamin B12 and E to support good eyesight, immunity and heart health.

And what’s not?

Halo’s wet foods are thickened with xanthan and guar gums. Just so you’ve got all the facts, these two ingredients aren’t cat-appropriate, but are considered to be safe.

The Big Picture

Halo’s grain-free products rated above other major players at a similar price point. Halo beat out Merrick, Blue Buffalo, and Holistic Select for ingredient quality, and I get it. You can see and smell the meat proteins. The Chicken, Shrimp ; Crab recipe is also low in carbs, high in protein, and rich in good fats.

Halo Natural Dry Cat Food, Chicken ; Chicken Liver Recipe


Halo cat food reviews with food recipes

This is the artist formerly known as ‘Spot’s Stew Hearty Chicken’ dry formula. A few things have changed—namely, the ingredients—and a few have stayed the same.

Who is it for?

Halo offer this in kitten, adult cat, and senior cat formulas.

What’s to love?

One of the main formula changes is Halo’s move from vegetable broth to dried peas. Since that meant nothing to me, I thought I better dig a little deeper for you.

Vegetable broth—as it turns out—is more flavor than anything else. It has little nutritional value to our cats, and evaporates during the manufacturing process. Dried peas offer a vegetable-based protein, and offer a low-glycemic energy source that doesn’t cause blood sugar highs.

The other significant change was dropping Methionine—an amino acid—from the formula. Methionine, when used in studies, has been shown to harm the kidneys, pancreas, and liver of small animals. Kudos to Halo for making this move.

And what’s not?

Not every change was awesome. Halo also reduced the amount of chicken fat in the recipe, and bumped up the dried chickpeas. Chicken fat is always good, and it turns out that cats feel the same way. Dried chickpeas are a carbohydrate that cats don’t need, whereas crude fats—like chicken fat—are vital to their health.

Chicken fat is still in the recipe, and Halo’s handy help team assured me that the new formula is still a full, balanced diet for our pets.

The Big Picture

Despite a few formula tweaks, this is a strong contender for a Top 3 Dry Cat Foods list—so it’s an easy choice for our Halo cat food reviews. It offers the digestibility and ingredient quality I’m coming to expect from this brand.

Ladies and gentlemen—there are your Top 5 Halo cat foods reviewed.

That was a lot. Did I cover something you were interested in from the Halo range? Did I answer your questions?

If not, there’s something I want to show you.

Some people spend a lot of time reading the ingredient labels on cat food. Me… I’m some people. If we are soul siblings, and you want to go down the cat food rabbit-hole with me, welcome! I’ve laid out everything you need to know to choose the best cat food for your fur-ever friends.

The Ultimate Buyers Guide: Everything You Need To Shop Cat Food in 2019


I’ll show you how to analyze ingredient labels—the good stuff, the bad stuff, and the downright toxic.

We can compare dry and wet foods.

And then I’ll show you the words cat food brands use to get around the law. I love that part!

First up: reading a cat food label

  1. Know how many servings your cat gets per package. When you invest more in a high quality food, it’s important to see how cost effective your choice is. You can divide the net weight by the recommended serving size to get a pretty accurate number of servings per pack.
  2. Know if this is an age-appropriate food. You’re probably already doing this one. Check the label for words like ‘indoor’, ‘kitten’, ‘senior’, or ‘weight.’
  3. Know your crude analysis. Most cats need a high level of crude protein in their food. Aim for 30% protein, like Halo Grain Free Chicken and Chicken Liver.
  4. Be aware. As animal lovers, most of us are motivated to support ethical companies. Choose brands that work with sustainable suppliers, and respect our animals and our planet.

And now the ingredients label

  1. Identify the ingredients. Ingredients are listed by weight—heaviest first. If the first five aren’t something you’d eat (or even be able to identify) the product is off to a bad start. Do you remember the Halo Spot’s Stew Cat Formula Grain-Free Hearty Chicken ingredients? Let me remind you: chicken, chicken broth, chicken liver, carrots, zucchini, and peas. It sounds like a casserole I’d like to eat.
  2. Know the good from the bad. We want real meats, like chicken, beef, salmon, turkey, trout, and rabbit. If we can get some offal meats, like chicken liver, we’re doing great. Add vegetables, fruits, and herbs to round out a winning cat food.
  3. Know that what premium cat food brands leave out is as important as what goes in. Avoid ingredients sourced from countries with questionable quality and animal welfare standards. Other no-no’s are:
    • Any meat by-product, or by-product meal
    • Unspecified meats (seriously, this happens)
    • Corn
    • Wheat
    • Soy
    • Sugar
    • Artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives

Does your cat need wet or dry food?

It all comes down to what works for your fluffy buddy.

Dry food is convenient, lasts well once opened, and is more affordable than wet food. If you want to consider the environment, dry food has less packaging waste when compared to single serve cans.

Wet food has a greater moisture content. For obvious reasons, hydration is a major win for the wet food team. It can also be a better option for fussy cats, since it smells more appetizing (to them, at least).

Don’t believe the hype

There are some words that companies can use without FDA approval. A company can advertise its cat food as wholesome and natural even if it’s filled with junk. They can claim it helps maintain a strong immune system, but not a healthy one.

The FDA restricts the use of terms like healthy, organic, free-range, or grass-fed without stringent testing. So if you see those last four terms on any cat food, you can be sure the brand earned the right to display those words.

Conclusion: Picking the best Halo Cat Food Reviews

I feel like we got a lot covered in this Halo cat food reviews. I hope it brought you and your fur family value. If so be sure to bookmark, so you can brush up on your pro cat food shopping skills from time to time. For now, here’s a quick wrap up of what we unpacked today:

  • The Top 5 Halo Cat Food Reviews— the brand has a quality recommendation for all life stages and dietary needs. Halo Natural Dry Cat Food Wild Salmon ; Whitefish Recipe took out the #1 spot, with targeted formulations for seniors, adults, kittens, indoor cats, and cats with digestive issues.

Pro tip: Halo has a Love it or it’s free! Guarantee. Use it for 14 days, and if your cat doesn’t love it—send it back for a full refund! Between that and their #Halofeeditforward campaign, now is the perfect time to test out a champion cat food range.

  • The Ultimate Buyers Guide. Shop with confidence, like the savvy cat-parent you are. With all the tips packed into our guide, you’ll be armed to make an informed decision for your pets.

It’s all about creating a diet that supports our smallest companions inside and out.

If this article helped you do that, let me know below. It’s feedback like that which makes writing all this worthwhile!

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