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Tabby cat looking at birds that are chirping

Why Do Cats Chirp?

If you thought that you knew all the sounds that a cat makes, then you will be astounded by the one that we just discovered, …

ways cats show affection

Ways Cats Show Affection: 7 Unique ways to their loved ones

Ways Cats Show Affection: It is hard to have a cat and not love the world out of them. Most times as humans, though, we …

cat resting on a cat tree -- kneadcat information

The Importance of Choosing A Cat Tree

A Cat Tree is a playhouse designed for cats to play, exercise and sleep. The standard cat tree consists of a floor-based solid construction. It …


Dry Food vs. Wet Food – Which is the best option for my cat?

Whether you’re a newbie cat owner or you’ve kept a furry companion for as long as you can remember, your cat’s health is probably one …


The Importance of Using the Right Kitty Litter For Your Cat

Kitty litter sales is a billion-dollar industry these days. A new, “improved” cat litter shows up on the shelves almost every few months. However, for …